"त्यति नै मलाई व्यवहार गर्न,
तिमी अलग मलाई उपचार हुन सक्छ"

BACP Organisational Member


There are currently nine members of the Haven Team, यस परियोजना प्रबन्धक, seven Therapists (including one Art Psychotherapist, one Clinical Supervisor) , one Case/Liaison Worker and one Admin Support Worker.

Haven Team Members


जैकी राइट – Project Manager is a qualified Registered State Nurse, प्रमाणित दाई र स्वास्थ्य आगन्तुक. त्यो पनि एक अनुभवी वरिष्ठ प्रबन्धक र परियोजना प्रबन्धक छ, जसले अधिक लागि Hull मा काम गरेको छ 25 वर्ष. त्यो शरणार्थी र यात्री समुदाय लगायत सीमान्तकृत संग काम मा व्यापक अनुभव छ. जैकी पनि खर्च गरेको छ 3 years living in Bangladesh and Ghana as a VSO volunteer supporting NGOs as a Strategic Manager working with organisational managers and local people.

Basim Marzoog – Admin support worker, he is qualified Maths Teacher in his home country in Iraq and has been in England /Hull for eight years.

agnes एनडेबेले – Relational Therapist who recently joined the Project in December 2015. त्यो psychodynamic देखि उनको दृष्टिकोण चित्रकला एक integrative तरिकामा काम गर्दछ, मानविय र समाधान केन्द्रित दृष्टिकोण. उनको 26 प्रहरी संग वर्ष अघिल्लो कार्य अनुभव, जेल सेवा र कोसोभो मा संयुक्त राष्ट्र अंतरिम मिशन चिकित्सकीय परामर्श उनको प्राप्त अनुभव गर्न एक ठोस जग भएको छ. त्यो कोसोभो प्रहरी आघात र डिप्रेसनको लागि पीडित व्यवहार युद्ध अपराध सिकार संग एक सल्लाहकार रूपमा काम 3 वर्ष पनि विगतमा लागि एक विस्तृत विविध पृष्ठभूमिका विद्यार्थी संग 4 विश्वविद्यालय ब्राडफोर्ड परामर्श सेवा को मा वर्ष. Agnes is a qualified and registered member of the BACP (Accredited) who holds a BSc degree in Therapeutic counselling, डिप्लोमा (उहाँ) चिकित्सकीय परामर्श र प्रमाणपत्र (उहाँ) सबै लीड्स बेकेट विश्वविद्यालय ले कौशल परामर्श. त्यो पनि लेनदेन विश्लेषण मा प्रशिक्षित छ (TA101).

Stuart Murray-Borbjerg – Art Psychotherapist: HCPC registered professional with experience of working in NHS psychological trauma services, forensic settings and community family centres, working with adults, young people and children, with particular experience with refugees and asylum seekers.

गेल क्लार्क – Therapist, joined Haven in July 2013 after 4 years working in various settings within the NHS Primary Care Mental Health Team including HMP Hull, Pain Managements Clinic, जीपी गरेको सर्जरी र चिन्तनशील Systemic परिवार चिकित्सा टोली र विशेषज्ञ BME Therapies टोली. गेल यर्क सेन्ट यूहन्नाको संग मा योग्य 1सेन्ट मा कक्षा आनर्स 2008 and is a MBACP accredited.

Andrew Dolan – have experience of working as a Senior Counsellor / Psychotherapist for a number of different counselling services within the public and private sectors, including HMP Everthorpe and private residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres. More recently I worked as a Team Leader for ReNew, a community-based addiction service. I am also sub-contracted for Time To Listen, a non-for-profit charity working with children, adults and families. I have a Diplomas in Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy, Psychotherapeutic Counselling and Addiction Counselling.

Lesley Jane Ness – Joined Haven as Therapist in 2019 with 12 years NHS experience helping adults and young people overcome common mental health conditions using cognitive behavioural therapy interventions. Assessed and treated clients one-to-one and delivered group courses. Was an active member of the Reflective Systemic Family Therapy team and was employed in Child and Adolescent Mental Health. Came to mental health from a background in law. Has Postgraduate qualifications in primary care mental health and primary and secondary care cognitive behaviour therapy.

Stella Munthali-Armstrong – Liaison Case Worker: Graduated in 2014 from the University of Hull with an Upper class 2:1 Bachelors Degree in Social Work. She holds 5 years work experience with Adults, Young People & Children across various sectors, providing interventions in mental health, substance misuse, education and criminal justice sectors. Stella’s role in the team focusses on offering structured solutions based on theoretical interventions that enable pathways towards self-development. Her passion is building meaningful working relationships with clients and other professionals to achieve the best possible outcomes. She is appointed to work with children who have comes to the UK as part of the Syrian Resettlement programme and together with our family therapist, facilitates the increase in resilience for Refugees to take on coping mechanisms that promote independence and autonomy.



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