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Członek organizacji BACP,,en,Jako członek organizacji BACP, projekt ma na celu,,en,Współpracuj z innymi organizacjami ustawowymi i dobrowolnymi, np,,en

Cele projektu

As an organisational member of BACP the project aims to:


  • Be a “listening” service for asylum seeker and refugee children and young people living in Kingston-upon-Hull.
  • Help parents with counselling and dealing with problems relating to health, stress, bereavement, trauma and isolation.
  • Support and help cultural integration.
  • Offer support to families with complex and long term needs.
  • Offer help and support to families that would not use the usual “pathways” (e.g. GP’s) to seek the help they need.
  • Build trust and confidence with the clients we work with.
  • Act as a “bridge” to help families access other services available to them.
  • Work in partnership with other statutory and voluntary organizations e.g. Rada Uchodźców
  • Be culturally sensitive
  • Work closely with school to help with child/school difficulties.

Quiet Counselling Rooms

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