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Jums gali tekti gydyti man kitaip"

BACP Organisational Member

Šis projektas yra finansuojamas iš ES prieglobsčio,,en,Migracijos ir integracijos fondas,,en,Imigracijos srautų valdymo veiksmingumas visoje Europos Sąjungoje,,en, Migration and Integration Fund. Making management of migration flows more efficient across the European Union.

Projekto tikslai

As an organisational member of BACP the project aims to:


  • Be a “listening” service for asylum seeker and refugee children and young people living in Kingston-upon-Hull.
  • Help parents with counselling and dealing with problems relating to health, stress, bereavement, trauma and isolation.
  • Support and help cultural integration.
  • Offer support to families with complex and long term needs.
  • Offer help and support to families that would not use the usual “pathways” (ví dụ. GP's) to seek the help they need.
  • Build trust and confidence with the clients we work with.
  • Act as a “bridge” to help families access other services available to them.
  • Work in partnership with other statutory and voluntary organizations e.g. Pabėgėlių taryba
  • Be culturally sensitive
  • Work closely with school to help with child/school difficulties.

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