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Хэрэв та өөр надад хандах болно"

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Үйлчлүүлэгч туршлага

* We often refer families to Haven. We know that we can be confident they will receive the right amount and type of support that they need.There is no other service that can provide this specific support locally.
Gateway хамгаалах хөтөлбөр,
Дүрвэгсдийн зөвлөл,Халл

Clients ‘s Quotes from 2018 Customer Survey

  1. My life was totally devastated before Haven but they encourage me to move forward to the excellent place I am now in
  2. ”Before I came to Haven it was difficult to sleep and I suffer from anger I couldn’t control. now my life is much easier. staff were very patient even when I missed an appointment”
  3. ”I would be miserable and hopeless if I had not be able to talk to my therapist at Haven”

Interpreters Quotes from 2018 Customer Survey

  1. Haven project has helped so many clients. Through my experience as interpreter for Haven I have seen so many clients get their life back and live normally in a challenging in an environment
  2. ”All the staff have been supportive this make working with them very comfortable. The atmosphere at work is very therapeutic.’

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