"In order to treat me equally,
you may have to treat me differently"

A Client’s Experience

* We often refer families to Haven. We know that we can be confident they will receive the right amount and type of support that they need.There is no other service that can provide this specific support locally.
Gateway Protection Programme,
Refugee Council,Hull

* I was dispersed to Hull by the Home Office after 15 stressful years of frustration, loneliness, hopelessness and poor health, Haven  helped me to rescue my life off the cliff! They cared and listened to me, I felt at home just like with my family, They referred me to different organisations for specialised support.

Thank you for everything, you gave me my life back, hope and family!
 Service User

* Haven brings life to the house.When they visit the whole house comes alive with music.They have helped me find peace.
 Service User

Quiet counselling rooms 

Place to clear your mind