"In order to treat me equally,
you may have to treat me differently"

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This project is part funded by the EU Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund. Making management of migration flows more efficient across the European Union.
Haven is an organisational member of BACP which provides specialist, bespoke therapeutic support to refugees and asylum seekers and their families.

begynder i 2003, som del af en national reaktion på antallet af mennesker, der søger asyl i Det Forenede Kongerige, Haven has a lengthy history of providing a range of services for the refugee and asylum seeker communities of Kingston-upon-Hull. Projektet giver en holistisk service, der giver fortalervirksomhed og komplekse indsatser igennem til psykiske vurderinger, forældrekompetencer og uformel støtte.

Haven is a unique service that has worked in Hull with refugee and asylum seeking families since 2003. It is a project with six staff members ; Projektleder, administrator, an Internal Clinical Supervisor, three Therapists who have many years experience of working in this field and are specialists in trauma. Haven has developed a particular model of working which focuses on emotional support and parenting techniques where required, og alle medarbejdere har stor tværkulturelle erfaringer. Til enhver tid projektet arbejder med omkring 45 familier, der omfatter i øjeblikket 33 voksne og 12 børn fra en række kulturer.

Haven works in five local authority areas (Kingston Upon Hull, East Riding, North East Lincs, North Lincs and Scarborough), supporting the Syrian resettlement programme.

Vores praksis er at arbejde langsigtet med mange af de familier, opbygge tillid, and often dealing with a range of family problems. The most significant element of Haven’s work is that we access families who struggle to trust ‘official services’ eller som er for isoleret at nærme tjenester for at få hjælp, og på den måde kan vi tilbyde en helhedsorienteret service til disse sårbare familier.
One of our priorities is to build trust. This has been one of the key ways that clients have increased their confidence and ability to access required services. It is also a crucial concept in delivering services to the BME community as a whole.
When required Haven undertakes an advocacy role in partnership with clients to support them to access services they need.
In addition, undertaking networking and collaborative strategies with partner agencies has enabled Haven to act as a bridge between informal and formal services.

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